The City Without The City

The City Without the City

By Morgan Millogo of Villas in Woodstock

Sometimes you love the city and sometimes it can be outright exhausting. If only you could have your favorite parts of the city with a more restorative pace. 

Well you can. 

Woodstock, NY, is the city without the city. 

Don’t let the small town aspect fool you. Woodstock, NY, has been a cultural hub since the 1960s and 2017 is no exception. Here is a rundown of some of reasons you wont miss the city when you are in Woodstock. 

  1. Restaurants - You love it when you stumble upon a restaurant in the city that’s organic and uses local produce. That’s the restaurants in Woodstock’s M.O. With seasonal menus, local brews, and gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options, you will feel just as catered to for your food needs as though you were out in Greenwich VIllage. 

  2. Groceries - A family owned organic, non-gmo grocery store, a local produce one stop shopsupplied from their own farm and other local farms, and a local butcher specializing in meats you can safely consume, are the standout businesses that provide you with food your body and your conscience can enjoy. Add in a wonderful Farmer’s Market that runs May thru October, and you will truly be healthy and happy. 

  3. Music - It’s Woodstock. Music is a thing here, and the community caters to it.  Artists from all over the world stop to perform at many of the wonderful venues in the area. Even the bars and restaurants have live music throughout the week. Rock, jazz, blues, and any eclectic mix you can dream of, Woodstock has a revolving door of artists that keep your music lips nice and wet. 

  4. Festivals - Music, Shakespeare, Comedy, Film, Writer, Holiday and MORE! Not a boring season of the year. 

  5. Performing Arts - Within a small radius there are multiple theaters with shows happening throughout the year. Add in the cool Independent Movie Theater, dinner, and a bar, and you’ve got a night out perfect for any city goer.  
  6. Galleries - Artists have been flocking up to Woodstock, and there are more galleries popping up every year to showcase the beautiful work that’s created in the region. Who needs Soho, when the Soho artists are now here?

  7. R&R - From spas to alternative healing practitioners, classes and workshops, your body, mind and spirit will align. However after nurturing your soul, you will walk out into nature as opposed to dodging taxis. With the multitude of alignment options, you won’t miss your overpriced city yoga class or trying to get to Spa Castle when no children are present.

  8. Nature - You don’t need to jump on a train to get to a patch of grass or a tree. Mother Earth surrounds you in Woodstock, with trails, swimming holes, and nearby mountains for skiing and hiking. Rent a bike, sit by a stream, have a picnic, play in white snow. We all love Prospect Park, but we don’t miss the crowds or the time lost on the trek to get there on the weekend.