Ecotherapy: How the “Wood” in Woodstock Can Help You

Ecotherapy: How the “Wood” in Woodstock Can Help You

By Morgan Millogo of Villas in Woodstock

City living can be rough on the body. Feet pounding the hard concrete, sensory overload with all the people and taxis. The stress from multi-tasking with getting ahead at work and taking care of your family, or worse, trying to date. Add in the high cost of city living and trying to figure out if airbnb is a good way to supplement your income, and that one weekly yoga class you manage to get to once a month doesn’t actually help your juggling act.

It’s time to take care of yourself. It’s time to get away.

It’s time to get to Woodstock for some Ecotherapy.

Here are 10 reasons on how coming to Woodstock and spending some time outside will help improve not only your life, but your health:

  1. Mental Boost: Even looking at a picture of nature can give your brain a boost, but why look at a picture when you can walk among picturesque? One of the best cures for mental fatigue is to go out in nature. Taking one step out in Woodstock is being in nature.

  2. Immunity Boost: Spending time in a forest has shown signs of an increase in certain cellular proteins in your body that boost your immune system. Combine that with the quality potent vitamins you can purchase at the Apothecary or Sunflower Natural Food Mart, and your immune system will be a champion fighter.  

  3. Tree Hugger: You don’t have to actually hug a tree to reap the benefits of being amongst them. Though Woodstock is associated with tree hugging hippies, studies have proven that spending a day or two in the forest brings down your stress level. Not that you have to camp, we have lovely rentals here, and after a relaxing walk through the woods, you can go have a fresh, delicious meal at one of our many restaurants.

  4. Mental HealthCare: Forests and water can help with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Woodstock has many trails that include bodies of water. Check out Waterfall Park, Comeau Property, Cooper Lake, and Ashokan Reservoir.

  5. Improve Your Memory: The University of Michigan did a study that showed people who took a walk outside had a 20% increase in short term memory, while people who took a walk in the city showed no improvement. You don’t have to walk alone. Woodstock Trails does one day guided walks that will take you deeper into the woods, and with your memory improving, you won’t have to worry about not remembering how to find your way back, although the guide is there to show you the way. ;)

  6. Anti-Inflammatory: Spending time in the woods can calm down your body’s inflammation. Ibuprofen can cause ulcers. This is much healthier. It’s time to calm those muscles down!

  7. Creativity: You don’t have to be an artist to benefit from a boost in creativity. Spending a couple or few days out in nature can boost your creative thinking, which includes creative problem solving. Going “off the grid” never seemed so helpful!

  8. Children’s Eyesight: It’s not just playing outside, but playing outside in nature can actually help prevent children and teens from developing mytopia. Woodstock is a great family getaway weekend with multiple nature activities such as bicycling, hiking, visiting swimming holes, and tubing down Esopus Creek.

  9. Focus: What? Where? Juggling our days means splitting our focus, often in multiple directions, as though we were spiders with eight eyes. Spending time in nature can improve your focus and attention span, and has even been proven to help kids with ADHD.

  10. Live Long and Prosper: Living in or around nature can help you live longer. With the reduced stress and outdoor activities, your body functions better. Sure running around the city is a form of exercise, but are you really enjoying it, or are you too busy trying to get to where you are going? How often do you get to relax and enjoy your life?

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