Woodstock: The Anti-Hamptons

Woodstock: The Anti-Hamptons

By Morgan Millogo of Villas in Woodstock

Beaches, Celebrities, High-End Boutique Shopping, Maintaining Social Status.

The Hamptons.

The popularity of the summer New York City beach escape has skyrocketed, especially once the Kardashians popped up. You can sit in traffic for three hours to get there, or pay for a helicopter.

Is a helicopter not your style?

In two to three hours via car or bus, you can arrive at a very different all season getaway.

Woodstock, New York.

It’s not just for hippies.

Here are 10 Anti-Hampton trade ins:

  1. Water Element - Ditch the beach, and go for a swimming hole. Better yet, try tubing down Esopus Creek. If you enjoy more looking at water than being in it, then there are multiple lakes surrounded by picturesque mountains. Waterfall Park and the Comeau Property also provide gorgeous walks next to flowing water.

  2. Mountains - You won’t find these in the Hamptons! Surrounded by the majestic Catskills, Woodstock has access to hiking and biking trails. You can hike up Overlook Mountain, or take a day guided outing through old farms and quarry roads. If bicycling is more your style, don’t worry about trying to bring yours from the city, Overlook Mountain Bikes in the heart of Woodstock provides rentals and maps for your adventure needs. Don’t worry, there are places to cycle that are flat as well!

  3. Boutique Shopping - Who needs high end when you have character? Character doesn’t take away from the quality clothing and products. Local, sustainable, cute, you’ll find all of that in the Woodstock shops. Wool and cashmere, home decor, jewelry, original art pieces, toys, shops for men and more await. Down to earth elegance is a fashion trend.

  4. Music - Sure, the Hamptons has music, but this is Woodstock. Even the pizza place has live music nights. With restaurants, bars, venues and festivals, you would have to purposefully try to NOT experience a band. During the summer, even the town square has live music on the weekends. You will find locals and tourists all dancing together.

  5. Art - Not just a home for music, Woodstock’s art scene has been growing every year. There are the local artists who have been creating for decades, and there are the relocated city artists who visited and fell in love. With galleries throughout town and the surrounding area, you will experience an eclectic mix you wouldn’t find in the Hamptons.

  6. Restaurants - The chefs here favor local and organic. It’s not about which place is trendy, it’s about the food. Each restaurant has its own local flare without any pretense. Whether you’re craving Italian, Udon noodles, a fresh salad, or grilled cheese, tots, and a beer, Woodstock has many options, including Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free choices.

  7. Spas - Holistic healing has never felt better. Nearly half a dozen options exist for nourishing and nurturing your body. With focus on western and eastern healing traditions, natural, organic, and chemical free options, your inner harmony will sing. Your facial, massage, and waxing needs will all be taken care of while in a healing space that only the unique spirituality of Woodstock can bring.

  8. People - Coming to Woodstock has nothing to do with social status and everything to do with wanting to enjoy a healthy, happy life. The locals have created an open community that celebrates arts, diversity, and supporting local area farms and businesses. All who love are welcome here. That’s the truth of the every “hippie”.

  9. Buddhists - On your way into town on Highway 28, you will see the Tibetan Shop. Here you can explore Buddhism through an art exhibit and store. KTD Monastery on Overlook Mountain provides free tours and mediation classes, as well as retreats, workshops, and seminars. Woodstock is not just a Mecca for Artists.

  10. Rentals- A fantastic getaway weekend destination with family and friends. Woodstock has great rentals for small or big parties. Wifi, TV, kitchen, and even a hot tub option, all within walking distance to town. Check out villasinwoodstock.com to see which rental option is perfect for you!