Just 30 minutes from Santiago, is the Fundo El Rincon, a productive property with beautiful parks and an extraordinary house with the outbuildings of a traditional hacienda.

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Hacienda Calera de Tango belonged to the Jesuitas until 1773, year when the order was expelled from Chile. After that it was bought by Don Francisco Ruiz-Tagle and his family keep an important part of the property.

Product of multiples inheritances and divisions, the Hacienda was divided ant the part know as El Cerrillo, now is know as Fundo El Rincon.

The Farm

The current owners bought Fundo El Rincon in 1980. With a team of surveyors, landscape architects and inspiration of their travels they re organized the site creating growing áreas, installing irrigation systems and tree planting. The site has an área of 28 Hectareas, of wich 20 are sub divided into lots of 5000 square meters. 17 hectareas are planted with 8 years old D´Angean plums in full production and a fruit orchard with over 50 species.